Labeling of spices known from 'Die Höhle der Löwen'

The Ankerkraut taste manufacture located in Hamburg is a success. A startup company in 2016, its spices convinced investors on the German "Die Höhle der Löwen" TV show. Enthusiasm for the products has been growing, so has coverage. Mixed spices with illustrious names such as Gipfelstuermer, Annes Liebling, Teufels Kerl or Steuerbord are filled in containers, identified and packed in a modern manufacture facility. GERNEP, a cab partner, has designed technology dedicated to labeling specifically for Ankerkraut. cab IXOR units label thousands of containers fully automated in continuous operation.

Case study
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Test cassettes identified explicitly

The Kraus Maschinenbau company specializes in the design, development and manufacture of packing machines. Customized solutions are used wherever, in addition to standard feeding or separation, products must be packed, identified, labeled, tested or counted.

In this practical example, test cassettes and strips to detect antibodies to Covid-19 are taken over from preceding processes and jointly packed in pouches. IXOR has been constructed with an integrated PX Q print module to label explicitly and according to the pharmaceutical regulations.

Case study
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Cap labeling of Guacamole dips

Nachos, tacos, quesadillas or burritos are popularly dipped in Guacamole. Yucatan Foods from Guanajuato, Mexico, specializes in the production of avocado-based food for many years.

Our partner DCF Mexicana has installed IXOR operation-specific to the Yucatan packing plant. The example shows colored synthetic labels being applied fully automated and highly precise to recessed Guacamole caps. Transparent liner material poses no problem for the CEON label sensor when detecting explicitly.

Coded screw caps on bottles

In Russian beverage industry, filled bottles get cap labels to meet the requirements for the national Chestny ZNAK goods identification system. There is high-speed labeling along the bottling lines. Every hour, 50,000 screw caps receive 2D coded labels. As the spots to apply labels are small, tolerances of less than +/- 1.5 millimeters have been specified, i.e. high-precision.

Our partner Makro Technology selects for IXOR to put the challenging labeling job into practice. Two IXOR labeling heads operate redundantly on each bottling line. They are connected to each other via Ethernet. Thus, there is zero downtime, as referred to in the industry.

High-tech label application systems

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