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CEON is a sensor to detect smallest differences in height (1/100 mm) on label webs in motion. It proves strong in particular with very thin materials in no label look. Share your requirement. TAG ON will model the solution. 

Sample applications are: labels detected on a liner, continuous labels, flat booklets with package slips attached, pressed shrink tubes, thin cloth fabrics, belts, synthetic webs

Good reasons for CEON use

Highly precise

Heights are verified and compared with reference values. Elevations or recessions of just 1/100 mm can be detected, such as seams, label gaps or layers of paint. When operated with a labeling machine, CEON is located close to the edge of the peel-off plate. This prevents negative influences from stretching materials. Each label to transfer next on the peel-off plate can be verified. If labels are missing on the liner, the next one is automatically detected.

Inductively sensitive

It is the only sensor of its kind. It combines the benefits of inductive measuring and a probe touching the material. If materials are in motion between the sensor and an electrically conductive surface, they are identified electromagnetically. Differences in height can be detected even in rapid motion.

Flexible position

CEON is clicked in a slim retainer bar. Small in size, it attaches quickly and easily wherever needed.​


CEON has been developed full-featured for IXOR. It also attaches to labeling heads of other manufacturers. Operating voltage of 18 to 30 VDC is required to integrate CEON directly to a plant regardless of the operation.


By assembly to a retainer bar on the peel-off plate of a labeling device, label webs are tightened reliably. Labels are stabilized when detected and applied.

Pin assignment
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As a master of adaptation, teach processes may be triggered from a distance by a plant control unit or when operated on IXOR. If attached to labeling heads of other manufacturers, there is AutoTeach synchronization on the sensor.


Many sensors are inaccurate in particular if very thin, opaque, transparent or metallic materials are processed. CEON, however, detects different materials up to 1 mm thick reliably, regardless of the passage width.

High speed

Many sensors become inaccurate at higher application speeds. CEON remains precise and constant to speeds of 600 m/min, 10 m/s or 10,000 mm/s.


Compare with other sensors on the market:
EUR 375 plus VAT* (retainer bar EUR 50) means purchase costs lower than some fork sensors.

Sensor part no. 5983588
Retainer bar part no. 5972339

* Please note that our offers are directed exclusively to entrepreneurs, §14 BGB. We do not conclude contracts with consumers.

“My passion is providing customers first quality labeling solutions. Looking back on 30 years of experience and thousands of installations, I consider CEON the current champ of sensors. All kinds of label materials and application speeds may be handled. No wishes remain unfulfilled. Just think of transparent closure labels in pharmaceutical plants. Adhesive labels on cosmetic items are handled easily as well. I very much like the comfortable sensor bus when CEON operates on an IXOR labeling head. This allows teach processes being triggered from a distance.”
Michael Nørgaard
Company Owner, Label ID ApS
Stephen Mons
Vice-President Sales, Aesus Packaging Systems
“Conveyor belts or distribution centers require proper tracking. Labels must be verified reliably in plants and applied to packages exactly on the intended spots. In the majority of cases, data that has just been applied is read by scanners. There must be no misinformation. Looking back on all the applications in which IXOR has been implemented with this sensor, I simply have to say: We love it!”

CEON high-tech sensor

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