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Professionals shoulder to shoulder

We are a cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co. KG spin-off. Our passion is applying self-adhesive labels quickly and precisely to objects. We are the contact point for all operations including a cab IXOR labeling head and its components, provide sales and technical service.

Experienced experts support in all matters, from initial meeting to the configuration of systems and their commissioning customer-specific in companies. cab has been operating successfully on the market for more than 45 years. Your investments are secured by long-term parts availability.


Roger Thiel

Managing Director
Fon +49 7151 82030-0

Tina Weiring

Tina Weiring

Assistant to the Management
Fon +49 7151 82030-51

Philipp Aldinger

Philipp Aldinger

Order Processor
Fon +49 7151 82030-52

Michael Kürner

Michael Kürner

Sales Consultant
Fon +49 7151 82030-63

Bayramoglu Yalcin

Yalcin Bayramoglu

Sales Consultant
Fon +49 7151 82030-62

Alwin Dittrich

Alwin Dittrich

Sales Consultant
Fon +49 7151 82030-61

Modular kit for pinpoint label application solutions

We currently have more than 400 individual components available to configure IXOR labeling heads specific to customer requirements. Developments continue. All IXOR systems integrate a tailor-made drive. A dynamic servo motor precisely feeds the label web. A high-torque external rotor direct drive moves even heavy label rolls and winds or unwinds webs as required. A wide range of accessories and stands help integrate IXOR to production or bottling plants and simplify their planning. If an object to be identified or a label changes, we can adapt the system using a modular kit.

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Consistent know-how and a high level of vertical integration

The IXOR base chassis including the control unit, rewinders and unwinders (see pictured the stator of winder engines1 ) are manufactured by cab in series at the production facility in Sömmerda, Germany. All mechanical and plastic components of cab devices and systems are manufactured there. The competences for the complete process chain of electronics, mechanics and software are provided inhouse. Several thousand square meters of floor space and machines and equipment state-of-the-art enable even complex labeling systems be manufactured economically in consistently high quality.

1 Smooth running due to high torque without gearbox; recuperation is possible, i.e. the energy generated when braking the label roll rotation is stored, to be reused at the next start-up.

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